Hello & Welcome to JoStaff.Com               Please look around and Enjoy! We sell custom made Exotic Hardwood Jostaffs Website is being updated Daily 04-26-2012 We manufacture the whole Staff.  We start with a blank of Hardwood and then process it into a Multi Laminated Staff that is less likely to bend or warp over time.  We only use the Best Exotic Hardwoods in our quest to make the best Martial Arts Training Weapons available.  Some of the hardwoods are:  PurpleHeart, Coco Bolo, Wenge, Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak, Teak, Osage Orange, Jajoba & Bubinga Some of the other Weapons we can make are BoStaffs, Hanbos, Bokken, Tantos, Encima Staffs, & Yawaras. Call Us Today to place your Order 720-628-9697   Made with JOSTAFF